Variable Speed Drive

Variable Speed Drives: Saving Energy And Costs For Industrial Applications


Variable speed drives (VSDs) and industrial applications go together like peanut butter and jelly. VSDs are an incredibly powerful tool for saving energy and money, as well as extending the life of motors in your business.

 They can also help you meet new environmental regulations, such as those requiring higher efficiency or lower emissions from your operations. But how do variable speed drives work? And how do they save money?

Energy savings from variable speed drives

Variable speed drives can be used to control motor-driven equipment in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, food processing and packaging, chemical processing and refining. In the oil and gas industry, variable speed drives are commonly used on compressors and pumps. They’re also employed for fans and blowers that cool down industrial processes or clean up contaminated areas after an accident occurs at a refinery or chemical plant.

Variable speed drives also help improve energy efficiency by reducing the amount of electricity consumed by motors by controlling their speed based on demand instead of just running them at full capacity all day long (or night long). This results in significant savings because it reduces unnecessary wear-and-tear on motors while improving productivity–you get more out of your machines while spending less money on power bills!

How to choose the right variable speed drive for your application

Choosing the right VSD for your application is a critical decision. The wrong choice can lead to poor performance, unnecessary downtime, and even damage to equipment. In order to ensure you choose the right drive for your project or application, consider these factors:

  • Choose a drive that’s right for your application. If you’re not sure whether or not variable speed drives are appropriate for your industry or facility type, consult an expert who has experience installing them in similar environments. They’ll be able to help determine if these systems will work well with other components at play in their particular setting–and if so, how best to integrate them into existing systems while maintaining optimal efficiency levels throughout all processes being controlled by those systems (such as pumps).
  • Choose the right size of variable speed drives based on horsepower needs; larger motors require more power than smaller ones do which means they require larger VSDs (or multiple smaller ones) in order operate efficiently without overheating themselves out of commission due To excessive heat buildup inside their enclosures!

Variable Speed Drive

Variable speed drives can save you money and energy.

Variable speed drives can save you money and energy. Variable speed drives have an electric motor that operates at different speeds, depending on the load being pulled. This means that they use less energy than fixed-speed motors, which operate at a single speed regardless of the load. It’s important to note that variable speed drives are not necessarily more expensive than their fixed-speed counterparts; however, they do require additional installation costs associated with installing sensors around your facility that monitor the amount of power being used by each individual piece of equipment in order for your VSD system to function correctly (more on this later).

The first step towards reducing your carbon footprint is recognizing where it comes from in the first place–and it’s not just cars! In fact, industrial facilities contribute around half as much CO2 emissions per year as transportation does globally (Carbon Disclosure Project). By investing in efficient equipment like variable speed drives (VSDs), companies can reduce their overall energy usage while also contributing less towards global warming through CO2 emissions caused by fossil fuels burned during electricity generation processes like coal or natural gas combustion


If you’re looking to save money and energy, variable speed drives are a great option. They can help you reduce your costs and improve efficiency by optimizing the speed of your motors. Variable speed drives can be used for many different types of applications, so if this sounds like something that could benefit your business or organization then consider contact an expert now.