Frequently Asked Questions About Cladding


We have witnessed the recent buzz of the Combustible Cladding Replacement due to the fire risk it is posing. The cladding has become an inseparable part of the building exteriors today. They not only enhance the exterior of a building but they add more aesthetics to the homes and commercial spaces. Apart from making the surface appear more appealing, the pre-cladding and insulations protect the exterior of buildings.

When it comes to the construction business they know about the flammable cladding or cladding as a whole as they are the ones who make use of the cladding more. But for the rest of us, we have a lot of questions popping in our minds for Melbourne cladding that requires answers too. Here is the list of the most commonly asked questions and their answers.

What Is Cladding?

Let us start with the most basic question that people ask even if their building has cladding, though it is more of a thing that construction professionals know. Cladding is basically the material applied to the external structure of the building. Cladding protects the structure of the building from natural elements, provides insulation, protects from harsh weather conditions, enhances noise control, and boosts the aesthetic appeal of a building.

How To Know If My Building Has Combustible Cladding?

The owner’s corporation or building manager are the first persons who can help you with this information. As they are the ones who know about the results of the builds audit which mentions if there is the use of combustible cladding. This would not be the case if the building is not audited, in such a scenario you would have to request building documents from your local council or the relevant building surveyor. This would help you with finding the information regarding the material used in the building exterior.

How To Choose The Best Cladding?

As the cladding provides the protection and visual appeal that you’re looking for, it blends with the style of architecture of the residential or commercial space. Do not forget to weigh the cladding based on the budget. If you do not have any idea regarding cladding, you can always ask for assistance from the cladding replacement specialist.

What Is Combustible Cladding?

Combustible cladding is a type of cladding that can burn rapidly if it catches fire. The material used in the combustible cladding is such that it spreads the fire and melts at lower temperatures. Having said that, it is very important to understand that even if your building has external combustible cladding it does not necessarily mean it is a fire hazard. Its risk would depend on where the cladding is applied and the building’s overall fire safety measures.

What Fire Issues Cladding Pose?

The flammable cladding posed the threat of rapidly spreading fire in all directions for the building exteriors. Here there is no fire control equipment like sprinklers. So the only way to help the occupants is to exit safely and wait for the emergency services to arrive.