5 Most Interesting Facts About orchid


Orchids are a fascinating flower, with so many varieties and adaptations. I thought it would be fun to look at some of the coolest facts about orchids today! If you are looking for orchid delivery melbourne, always choose a reputed company!


  • Orchids have a symmetry similar to human faces.


While most plants have radial symmetry, orchids are among the few that possess bilateral symmetry.

Bilateral symmetry is a type of body plan where the organism has two sides and an apex. When you look at an orchid, you’ll notice that it looks like a face; even more so when it’s blooming! There are petals and sepals (the leaves surrounding the flower) on one side and stamens on another side. In other words, they have exactly the same number of petals, sepals and stamens as your face does eyes!


  • Orchids are masters of deception


Orchids have evolved to trick pollinators into thinking they’re another species of flower, and they do this by mimicking the color, scent, and shape of their models. In fact, these plants are so good at disguising themselves that it was only recently discovered that one type of orchid had been masquerading as another for more than a century!


  • Scientists found fossilized orchid pollen on the back of a bee.


Scientists have found fossilised orchid pollen on the back of a bee in a piece of amber that was 2 million years old. The pollen was found in the Dominican Republic, where scientists believe bees pollinated orchids for about 1 million years when they lived there.


  • Orchids can live from sea level up to 14,000 feet (4,267 meters) above sea level.


Orchids are one of the most diverse groups of flowering plants. They are found in almost every region of the world, except for Antarctica. Orchids have been used for food, medicine, and as ornamental plants for over 6,000 years. They have been highly prized by people around the world since ancient times because they’re so easy to grow and are beautiful to look at—orchid flowers come in more than 25 different colors!

Although there are over 20,000 species worldwide it’s estimated that only about 1% can be seen in bloom at any given time. That’s why we want everyone who visits our gardens see something truly special–a tropical orchid thriving here in Southern California’s mild climate year-round!


  • Vanilla is a species of orchid.


Vanilla is a species of orchid. Vanilla orchids are the most popular orchid by far, with over 200 million plants grown on an annual basis. The vanilla orchid is native to Mexico and Guatemala, but it is currently grown in many tropical countries around the world including Madagascar, Indonesia, India, Malaysia and Tahiti.

Vanilla orchids are pollinated by bees and hummingbirds; both of these creatures visit the flowers for their nectar. After a bee lands on the flower and picks up pollen from one flower it will transfer that pollen to another plant when it leaves its current flower. Hummingbirds use their long beaks to reach deep inside the flower where they can pick up valuable nectar from within those blossoms as well!


Orchids are beautiful, fascinating plants that can be found all over the world. Their beauty and diversity make them perfect for both indoor and outdoor gardens. Orchids also have many medicinal uses and are used in perfumes and soaps as well as other products.