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What are Some Awesome Benefits of Using a CPAP Machine?


People suffering from sleep apnea disorder come across lots and lots of difficulties especially during the night. After working for the entire day, if they are unable to sleep properly, they may become prey to some additional ailments. In such a situation, they need to make generous usage of resmed CPAP machines

What Causes Sleep Apnea Disorders?

Sleep apnea disorder is the result of malfunctioning of the muscles of the airway. With the tube becoming floppy and collapsible, it becomes difficult to breath as usual. As a result, the person concerned suffers from sleep apnea disorders. Sometimes wrong food habits followed by weight gain also results in such a disorder. 

If the problem is not treated at an early stage, then it may in further dropping of the oxygen level. With the technology getting modernized, the use of CPAP resmed equipment is becoming popular. It is one of the most prescribed device that is helpful in treating sleep apnea disorders. 

How does the Resmed CPAP Equipment Work?

The CPAP machine sends a steady flow of oxygen into the nose and mouth while sleeping. As the airways are kept open, it helps in normal breathing. The compressor generates a continuous stream of pressurized air that will travel into a flexible tube through an air filter. Finally, it delivers purified air to the mask that remains sealed all around the nose and mouth.

While sleeping, the airstream treats blockage if any, to open the airways so that the lungs may easily receive plenty of oxygen. As the breath does not get paused, it prevents repeated waking up in the mid of sleeping for resuming breathing.

What are the Different Types of CPAP Machines?

The resmed CPAP machines are manufactured as per the medical standards so that they may be used easily by anyone. The basic components of the device include the following:

  • Motor housed into the base unit
  • Cushioned mask
  • Tube connecting the motor and the mask
  • Headgear frame
  • Adjustable straps that permit easy customization of the device

Now, comes the turn of the various types of masks that are used. Some of the exclusive varieties include the following:

  • Nasal mask – It is a cushioned mask that will cover the entire nose. It will be a better option for people that tend to move around while sleeping. 
  • Full mask – Having a triangle like shape, it covers both the mouse and the nose. People that breath through their mouths will benefit a lot from this type of mask.
  • Nasal pillow mask – Do you wear glasses? If yes, then the nasal pillow mask will be the right choice. Along with small cushion, it comprises of prongs that fit appropriately into the nostrils. 

The style of the mask varies from one CPAP machine to the other. Selection of the actual type of the mask depends partly on your breathing habits along with the comfort level and kind of sleeping apnea disorder the patient is suffering from.

Where to Get the CPAP Machine from?

After coming across the lucrative benefits associated with the resmed CPAP machines, if you are planning to get one for you; then you may easily avail it from local stores or e-stores. On an e-store, with a large number of varieties along with pros and cons mentioned; you will be able to compare and halt to the best decision.